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by Vpower

The Band: Critical Solution
Country: Norway
Answers by: Christer Slettebø (vocals, guitar); Egil Mydland (drums)

Norwegian Horror Thrashers CRITICAL SOLUTION are back with a new album,  “Barbara The Witch”, a concept album based on a true story from their hometown Helleland which took place in the 1600s. With this new chapter they confirm their bet as on of the most interesting horror bands of the current scene.

Hello guys and congratulations for your new album “Barbara the Witch”!

Thank you much!!

“Barbara the Witch” is your third full-length album and I think the most mature

Chris: Absolutely! We always like to evolve and try taking it a step further. From the first album til now there’s definetely progress with musicality aswell as lyrics/story, and lots of elements which are not on the first one.

In 2014 there was a change in the guitar position, with Bjoernar Grossfjell as the new axeman, how has it influenced your sound?

Chris: The biggest difference for sure is that for the first time we share lead Guitars, so I’m no longer doing all the solos myself. This of course has nothing to do with our previous guitarist, it just felt natural to do it this way. We are very different players, from two different worlds when it comes to solos and i think that is very good for the songs, where as rythm players we play identical!

How long have you dedicated to the composition and recording of the new album?

Chris: We started recording in february 2016, and finished around october/november 2016. As for the writing some songs come from early 2015, but we are constantly writing and usually when we start recording an album a new one is in the making already.

“Barbara the Witch” is a concept album, usually that means more work, more headaches and more problems to put all the pieces together. So the question is: why?

Egil: Yes it is! Well, not really. I think it it's easier to make an album as one story from start to finish. If you have a good starting point with a character, theme, a certain time in history, or what ever. It is easy to fill the gaps with interesting things. Of course you'll need to use your imagination quite a bit, but that's how i like to write and create. And the reason why we make concept albums, is because it makes it more interesting. It's not just a metal band playing metal, and singing about the stereotype-lyrics, that many metal bands seem to do. We represent something, and we create our own universe.

Cool, although I still see it as a very hard task J You have always moved inside the terror genre, this album is the natural step in your career or you have tried to give it a different approach?

Egil: This album was planned before the release of "Sleepwalker", and "Sleepwalker" was planned before "Evil Never Dies" came out, and now we have the story ready for our fourth album. So we seem to lie an album ahead every time. So that is very inspiring. Musically, it is very spontanous how it all ends up. We don’t know which track is which until we write the lyrics, and put the instrumental tracks in the right order. Cause the story comes first, then the music and then the lyrics. And it has been like that since our first album. 

Awesome. It’s not only a concept album but also a real story what you tell in “Barbara the Witch” that if I’m not wrong even happened in your hometown, right?

Egil: Well, it is based on a true story. Of course, the real story doesn't include Headless Riders, a Satanic priest or Wallace Green, but the main plot is based on that. The real story is about a lady called "Barbro Jørgensdatter Bjelland". She was condemned to death by burning in 1623 for using witchcraft. She lived not far from where we come from, and some people claim they have seen her afterwards. The song "Red Hooded Devil's" is based on what she confessed to the court. So it is very cool to use that story into our concept album. Especially when it's from our hometown. 

Yes, another good point. The narration has been made by  Arthur Brown, a great voice for this purpose indeed

Chris: Arthur’s voice is great for everything, but as a story teller over these atmospheric songs he is pure gold. We are the luckiest band on earth to have him onboard. And the part where he sings and, kind of connects our story to his story from his debut album, its just fantastic! The man has the meanest scream i have ever witnessed!

Hahaha, aweomse once again. As I said before, this “Barbara the Witch” shows Critical Solution’s best face in terms of composition. What differences you find with your previous two albums?

Chris: Looking back at the first one, it was a thrash statement, second one more varied with elements from not only thrash, and now on Barbara like i said, we have evolved more. More atmospheric i would say and the use of “unusual” instruments like organ, waterphone etc

You get a great balance between the thrash base and the atmospheric moments and guitars you spread along the album

Chris: Agreed. I think its very important, cause if all songs where the same there would be no point in having 12 songs. Much variation, at least to us is very important .

Surely many people will say you show a King Diamond’s style, how do you feel about it?

Chris: Of course it is an honor to be compared to them, and i can hear some things here and there, but we get inspiration from so many places and i do think we sound very original.

Some songs are really long but not tiresome at all, that tells much and good about the energy you put on it

Chris: Thank you. We put everything we got into our songs, and again the variation is important.

In the package you have included a second cd with covers of big bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead… any especial reason for it or just too much material in the drawer?

Egil: That wasn't planned out first of all. That was something that came up when we decided to make a 2-disc package. Originally we where supposed to have only "Locked Up In the Snow" and "Gypsy" as B-sides to the album, but since we had the option to have another disc, we wanted to include previous recordings of covers. So it will be a special edition for those interested.

Crime Records is releasing your album, how do you feel about it?

Chris: We feel very good! Its good to have a great team behind us, and most of all that we work close together and that we all want the same thing. They are great people who knows how to take care of their bands.

Probably some people will compare this “Barbara the Witch” with last year Them’s great debut, both are concept albums, terror music and top quality, although your music is more extreme, what do you think?

Chris: Never heard about this band, all i can say, and this is to my knowledge so of course i may be wrong, but I’ve never heard anyone else do Horror Thrash like we do.

“Barbara the Witch” is perfect for a full performance on stage, as s whole story, it will happen? Are you preparing a especial show?

Egil: We want to include as many things as possible into our stage show. Cause our albums is like a piece of theatre, so yes, it is perfect for a full performance on stage. Who would not want to see a witch burning on a pyre onstage? On future shows/tours there will be more theatrical elements than before so if all goes according to plan, our release gig in Varberg 28.04 will have something new and special.

That sounds really, really good, something not to miss. Any tour dates confirmed?

Chris: At this time only the release gig is confirmed. We had some offers, but nothing is written in stone at this moment. However we do everything we can to get on the road this year as these new songs as well as the old ones will sound killer live!

You have been rising your composition level along time, any diziness when thinking about future expectations from fans and media?

Thanks again, and Not at all. We make the music we make, and we have found our path. We will still find other ways to do it but our base will not change to much.

Thank you very much for the interview guys, hopefully we will enjoy your live show in the near future!

Thanks again and we hope to play in your country as soon as possible!!


1.The beginning
2.You won't fall
3.Into the fire
4.Another chance
5.Here I am
6.Somewhere, Someday
7.The Prelude
8.Reach for the stars
9.Any Way You Want It [Journey Cover]
10.Into the fire [Acoustic Version ]

Freight Train - Line Up
Ivan Mantovani – Vox
Enrico Testi – Guitar & Vox
Anton Bagdatyev – Keyboards & Vox
Lorenzo Pucci – Bass & Backing vocals
Andrea Cappelletti – Guitar

Banda italiana formada en 2015 que ahora presenta su debut, son una banda joven y es el primer paso serio que dan a nivel compositivo, hasta ahora se habían dedicado más bien a hacer bolos por ahí y versiones de los grandes.

El primer tema es una intro, como su nombre bien da lugar a adivinar, aparte de eso no da para más. You won't fall es un tema que juega entre el hard rock y el aor, con un buen solo y unos teclados que condimentan bien el tema.

Into the fire le da más potencia al disco, un rock más contundente, con las guitarras cobrando fuerza, por supuesto no faltan las melodías en voces y guitarras. El estribillo está logrado y el solo es más que correcto, lo que conforma todo ello una canción notable, de sonido clásico. Another chance es un tema más sencillo, Aor con melodías acertadas y vocalista solvente, sonido a lo Journey, Reo Speedwagon. Here I am le da continuidad al tema anterior, aunque es un tema realmente simple, sobre todo en su base rítmica, algo típico del aor, lo más interesante me parecen los riffs previos para introducir el solo.

Somewhere, Someday además de ser un título muy bucólico es un tema casi de pop, con instrumentación muy basica y voces demasiado comerciales incluso para el aor, le falta carisma y le sobra burbuja, el solo tampoco arregla la cosa, tema totalmente prescindible.

The Prelude es un corte a modo de introducción para Reach for the stars, el último tema propio de la banda, ya que los dos últimos son una versión de los Journey y una versión acústica de uno de los temas ya comentados. Este Reach for the stars es un buen tema, de nuevo al estilo Journey, King Kobra o Europe, donde las melodías son las que componen el nudo básico de la composición. No hay para más, demuestran que tienen buenas tablas, un vocalista que defiende bien los temas y un guitarra solista más que aceptable, pero todavía tienen mucho trabajo por delante, tanto para hacer un disco más sólido como más trabajado, con más temas propios y menos versiones y rellenos a base de intros, pero como primer paso no está mal y seguramente los aficionados al género lo disfrutarán.

Puntuación: 5,75/10

Merciless Death (by Dark Angel)

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MORDENIAL – The Plague (2017)

1.The Plague    05:13    
2.Daylight Is Gone  05:06         
3.Burning Soil  03:28    
4.Salvation  03:25         
5.No Empathy  04:09  
6.Save You All  04:50              
7.All Has Vanished  05:26        
8.Follow the Cross  04:51        
9.Emotions  04:20         
10.The End  03:37      

Wilson - Bass
Kjetil Lynghaug - Guitars
Matthias Fiebig - Vocals, Drums

Difícil camino el que han escogido estos suecos, el death melódico está más transitado que la plaza roja de Moscú el día del aniversario de Lenin, pero ellos han escogido este camino y aquí presentan su segunda baza. Cierto que en esto de la músca no solo entra en liza la calidad que tengas, la suerte, el saber tocar ciertos palos y venderte al mejor postor son cosas que suelen funcionar y abrir puertas, pero no aquí en Metalbrothers, a cada cosa por su nombre, y a por ello vamos.

Nos presentan el disco con un inicio ambiental en The Plague y luego una mezcla entre thrash y melodeath, con su parada de rigor también ambiental, para rematar luego el tema con un punteo veloz. Daylight Is Gone es un corte más pausado donde se acercan más hacia el black  thrash, alabo esa capacidad para moverse en distintos escenarios musicales, además el solo muy puro rompe de manera muy fresca con la oscuridad predominante a lo largo del tema.

Burning Soil sigue con un sonido similar al anterior, ambientaciones black con un ritmo controlado y buenos riffs, un solo heavy bien elaborado y en varias fases, se salen de lo de siempre y eso es de agradecer. Salvation es un medio tiempo donde las guitarras dan el punto de frescura al tema. No es un grupo que se de a muchos decibelios ni a grandes acometidas, lo vuelven a demostrar en No Empathy, que es un tema medio balada, atmosférico y melódico, tienen habilidad para conjugar diferentes elementos que hacen cada tema interesante, huyen de lo lineal y previsible y eso para mí es algo muy a tener en cuenta.

Save You All es otro corte donde lo que predominan son los ritmos lentos y las voces y acordes apocalípticos, el feeling sigue estando presente, y el solo de black heavy lo atestigua. All Has Vanished suena mucho a los Annihilator de los 90, con mucho efecto en las guitarras, pero el tema va evolucionando desde ese sonido thrash a un death melódico y oscuro a ratos, acabando con blast beats. Follow the Cross es uno de los temas menos sobesalientes, death con groove y solo melódico. En cambio Emotions es un tema monolitico, muy cargado en los riffs, con ritmo pesado y atmosférico, con un primer punteo melódico y otro final ambiental donde demuestran sus buenas dotes compositivas y su buen sentido musical.

Me ha sorprendido agradablemente, en un mundo lleno de propuestas y saturado de bandas, tantas que no te da tiempo a digerirlas todas, estos Mordenial te lanzan el anzuelo de la diversidad, la oscuridad y la melodía, todo en uno y bien mezclado.

Puntuación: 7,5/10

TERRIBLE OLD MAN – Fungi From Yuggoth (2017)

1.The Book     04:06    
2.The Pursuit    03:41    
3.The Key       05:01    
4.Recognition   03:37    
5.Homecoming  03:44  
6.The Lamp  03:56       
7.Zaman's Hill  03:29    
8.The Port  04:37         
9.The Courtyard  03:36            
10.The Pigeon Flyers   02:35

Barnabas Marsh - Bass
Herbert West - Guitars
Randolph Carter - Guitars
Angstrom - Vocals
Charles le Sorcier - Drums

Segundo disco de esta banda alemana formada en 2014, al año siguiente debutaron con su primer larga duración y ahora este nuevo album. Gente con experiencia en esta banda, en especial el guitarrista West que ha pasado por bandas de renombre tales como Paradox, Stormwitch o Tyran' Pace, ojo al dato. Y sin duda las guitarras son el elemento clave en este grupo, como veremos a continuación.

The Book es un heavy de riffs a lo Accept pero mentiendo también partes atmosféricas y también a medida que avanza el tema riffs realmente adictivos que marcan la diferencia con los temas estándar de toda la vida. Un punto para ellos.

The Pursuit es un hard heavy tirando de groove, con guitarras realmente adictivas, no me convence tanto la voz muy cargada de efecto y el tiempo que lleva el tema, se podría decir de un hard rock bastante bailable, pero el punteo heavy y apretando el ritmo le sube la nota.

The Key es un hard rock de guitarras muy intensas, sonido The Cult, con su parte ambiental y también su parte comercial, manejan esa dualidad a lo largo del disco, de todas formas siempre meten guitarras con mucho gancho y ritmos que suenan más potentes en ciertas fases, con un solo que no es top pero sí cañero. Recognition tira más hacia el rock melódico, la voz cobra más protagonismo y no dejan de insertar aquí y allá sus adicitivos riffs. Por contra, con Homecoming meten un tema de hard rock sencillo y sin apenas nada destacable, cucharazo.

Curioso el giro en el sonido que meten en The Lamp, tintes hardcore con groove metal a medida que el tema se va desarrollando y tirando hacia un rock progresivo con muy buenas melodías, acabando con un excelente punteo, desenfrenado y pisando el acelerador hasta rematar el tema, se sale de los cánones clásicos y suena fresco.

Zaman's Hill es una balada heavy, con buenos coros y las dinámicas guitarras que siempre meten, interesante. The Port es otro de los temas sorpresa, por decirlo así, un heavy power tirando hacia el sonido de los últimos Avantasia, con excelentes partes melódicas y el mejor estribillo del disco, no es la mejor canción, pero cumple. Vuelven a enfriar la tartera con The Courtyard, hard rock con groove y aires modernos que no cuajan. The Pigeon Flyers pone el punto final, es el tema más corto del disco y es una semibalada de inicio acústico y estilo country, de nuevo demuestran buen gusto. Un trabajo con buen nivel pero con altibajos, en ciertos momentos alcanzan cotas muy altas gracias a la buena dupla de guitarristas, pero en otras fases se dejan ir un poco.

Puntuación: 7/10

Metuschelach (by Vampyromorpha)

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Interview with CONDOR

by Vpower

The Band: Condor
Country: Norway
Answers by : Maggressor (guitars)

CONDOR is moving with their second release, “Unstoppable Power”, to a thrash metal sound, evil and wild, old school and dark, leaving a little behind their black metal approach. Probably this is like Thrash Metal should ever sound, though that is up to you to decide.

Hello Maggressor  and welcome to talk about your new album “Unstoppable Power” and whatever you wish. Your story starts back in 2009 and a first demo in 2010. You had all clear at the moment or it was more a try and go effort?

We had sort of an outline of what we wanted to play back then, but as you can hear on the demo, we did experiment with a few different styles. We were listening to a lot of Aura Noir and bands like that back then, so it felt natural to end up playing (black) thrash.

This year you are releasing “Unstoppable Power”, your second album. How do you feel regarding your previous effort “Condor”?

I think we have different opinions regarding this record within the band. Personally, I don't really like it too much. Its so static and uninspired. The songs are okay, but they lack that little extra that I feel like we've captured on Unstoppable Power. Chris likes it,and I think Øyvind likes it too, but we all agree that the new album will tear it to pieces.

A cool opinion, sincerity first. How long have you worked on “Unstoppable Power” and how was the process?

We started writing material for the record around early 2016 and we kept doing it until early 2016, so it took us about two years to write the whole thing. The first song we made was Chained Victims, which was while we were listening to A LOT of Destruction, as you can probably hear, hehe. We usually write riffs at home and put them together at rehearsal, which we did on this record as well.

To me you right now you sound more like a thrash band than a black metal act

I agree. We gradually left the black metal part behind after the first record. There are so many black thrash bands around these days, and surprisingly enough, not that many good pure thrash metal bands. Our influences also changed slightly, and we started drawing more inspiration from the old german bands in the likes of Deathrow and Sodom etc.

The great cover artwork also looks more like a thrash attack

I agree, it looks like evil thrash, which is what the record sounds like (to me at least). I was very excited when ROK said that he would do the art work for us, as I haven't seen many bands using his art made by him lately. Very fair and easy guy to work with too (even though we're Norwegian hehe).

Haha, the effort was good . You are releasing “Unstoppable Power” through High Roller Records, a change for better?

Absolutely. High Roller is very easy to work with. They take our opinions into consideration, and does not trying to influence our sound or anything like that at all. Its also nice to be on a label that does promo work for the record.

You are a three-piece from Kolbotn (Norway), a village with a name in the black metal history and where Gylve Fenris Nagell serves as a Councilman. Any help or support from that part?

Well, two of us, Christoffer and me, are from Kolbotn, while the drummer, Øyvind, is from Hønefoss. Yeah, we got a lot of help when we first started up, with Gylve spreading the word and posting our demo on the darkthrone blog that they had back then. It also really helped when he shared out new song, Riders of Violence, on the Darkthrone FB page when it was released too. I don't think we've ever gotten so much attention as we did after that, haha!

A good point, indeed.  I suppose your album is not a tribute to big speed metallians Agent Steel’s “Unstoppable Force”

It's not, its just a coincidence that the titles sound so similar. It is more of a tribute to Destructions "Invincible Force" really and Whiplash's Power and Pain.

I buy it. What are the lyrics about?

The usual stuff I guess. Hell, blasphemy, death and violence.

Horns up. I really love the energy you put in every song, a great display of thrash rhythms and powerful guitars with a dark touch

Thank you! I too like the speed and energy on this record way more than on previous releases. I guess we wanted to take everything a step further, and when you have a drummer that can actually play that fast, there is no reason not to hehe.

I also can appreciate a great 80s orientation in your sound that transport us to the Thrash’s greatest era

The 80's sound is the only way to play thrash metal, any other way would not be right. Pizza thrash like Municipal Waste and so on can fuck off in hell.

Your more oriented thrash sound is a proof the black metal in Norway is not anymore what it used to be?

Well maybe not in Oslo, but if you go a bit further north, to Trondheim, there is a pretty big black metal scene. There are emerging a few good black metal band from Oslo now too, but I think there are more thrash and heavy metal going on down there.

These songs should strike as a hammer in a live show, are you preparing to deliver the goods on stage?

We did a few concerts in February where we played a lot of new songs, which was pretty cool. However, we will not play any more live shows for now. Most likely not ever, but who knows, maybe we'll change out mind at some point!

Hopefully you will do so. Thank you very much Maggressor, if you wish to add something…

Baby, disco is fukk.

ON TOP – Top Dollar (2017)

1.Lovin' The Devil
2.Walk The Walk
4.This Way
Ric Haas - guitar
Jaron Gulino - vocals/bass
Danny Piselli - drums.

Os presento este nuevo ep de la banda americana On Top que con estos cuatro temas vuelven a la actualidad poniendo encima de la mesa unas composiciones con mucha actitud y bastante destreza. Se trata de un trío con el guitarrista como nuevo miembro incorporado a la banda y con un papel principal dentro del grupo, como no puede ser de otra forma en cualquier grupo de rock que se precie, a la par que el vocalista, cuando menos.

La apuesta de la banda se basa en el hard rock y tienen un sonido bastante cañero que en algunos momentos roza el heavy, como es el caso del primer tema Lovin' The Devil, un tema de hard heavy que se inicia de forma estupenda con un solo a lo Ozzy. El vocalista le da mucha vibración a cada tema y tiene un estilo bastante peculiar, que se nota más en los siguientes temas, y que quizás no sea del agrado de todo el mundo, pero a mí me parece que le da un punto de originalidad y de sicoledia/punk que le queda muy bien a los virogorosos temas de estos americanos. Este primer corte también hace gala de un estribillo estupendo, de esos de obligado tarareo.

Con Walk The Walk se meten de lleno en territorio hard rock, de hecho tiene un cierto deje a rock alternativo debido a algunos riffs y líneas vocales, en ese sentido no me convence tanto, pero el cambio de ritmo para pasar a modo hard sin paliativos, a lo Guns o Ratt, es realmente fantástico, con un solo realmente logrado. Everything es otro tema de hard rock en la misma línea con partes de rock moderno y otras como el punteo que ponen las cosas en su sitio y nos reconcilian con el sonido más clásico.

La última canción es This Way, el vocalista le imprime su sello con su personalidad, realmente interesante su forma de cantar, de esas que marcan el sonido de un grupo. Junto con el primer corte este es lo mejor del ep, sobre todo porque introducen una parada en las que las guitarras melódicas le cambian la cara al tema, culminando con un solo brillante para lucimiento del nuevo guitarrista. Banda interesante, suenan bien en estudio y me da que en directo sus temas pueden ser todavía más devastadores, porque muestran actitud y tienen un showman de esos que la puede liar parda.

The fallen (by Arduini/Balich)

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Interview with ACHIOTE

by Vpower

The Band: Achiote
Country: Finland
Answers by: Tuomas (organs & synthesizers); Janne (vocals & guitar)

ACHIOTE is a Finnish band that have released their second album “Loneliness of Endless Days”, a good load of rock and heavy tunes that takes their music to a new level comparing to their former album, with many hours behind it the quality and elegance just flows.

Hello guys and welcome to our site to talk about Achiote and your new album “Loneliness of Endless Days”

Tuomas: Thank you! We're delighted to have this opportunity.
Janne: Thank you! And hello!

First, we would like to know more details about your story as a band…

Tuomas: Achiote was officially founded around 2012 when we released our first single. It was a long-term project that waited for the right time. Timo and Janne put it together and after that Jussi and Anu joined in. So back then the band was still a quartet. In 2014 our first album 'Deimos' was released and also I joined the band which added more keyboards to the mixture. Unfortunately some time after that Anu had to leave the band due to her health issues. Teemu replaced her as our new bass player somewhat like a year ago.

Janne: It was 2002 or 2003, when Timo and I met. We were working few months at the same place and we found out that we were listening to same kind of music. So we started to play songs from Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, a Perfect Circle etc. with acoustic guitars just for fun and sometimes played our own song ideas too. After few years we jammed first time with Jussi, our drummer. Timo knew Jussi from high school times and at some point Timo asked him to check our demo tapes and jam with us. But yes, it took almost ten years to make this project a real band.

Well cooked, that is the most important. “Loneliness of Endless Days” is your second album, right?

Tuomas: That's right.
Something especially different in this album regarding your debut?

Tuomas: Well, it has been built in a different manner. And of course when members change, it changes the way to do things. When I came along with 'Deimos', the album was pretty much done. I just did few things there and it actually went to mix the week after I was in the studio recording. With this album I've been working with the material since scratch. Still the main composing has been done by Timo and Janne, but we've worked the arrangements and stuff quite a lot.

Janne: I think the biggest difference is the keyboards. Tuomas has a big role in every song and made a great job with this second album from the very beginning.

When we made our first album 'Deimos', we made it with time without hurry.
But now we had some kind of schedule. We knew deadlines and the day when the  record was going to be released. So in the end of last year we were in a hurry, recording in three studios at the same time. Blood, sweat and tears, but we made it and released the album right on time.

 How long have your worked on it?

Tuomas: I think the whole process took a little less than two years. That covers the time from when we started working with the material up until it was recorded, mixed and mastered. So it is a long process. We've also had quite a lot difficulties which also made the whole process last even a bit longer.

Janne: Yes, We had twelve songs written and ready to record in may 2016 and the drum recordings started in July at V.R. Studio. All the other instruments we recorded during the fall and last notes were sung in january 2017, just before mixing. We finished eleven songs. Ten songs came to this album and we left one song to be released later.
I think the composing and elaboration of “Loneliness of Endless Days” has been surrounded by kind of personal problems, right? How has it all affected your sound?

Tuomas: Yeah, it's been a quite tough period for few of our members. You can hear it in the material as well. The whole album is quite dark. There is yet a dash of hope in it but I think the main message is sadness and grief. But working with the music has been therapeutic and it is a good channel to get the anger and frustrations out of your system.

So we love music so much! Was there any stage in the process where you almost gave up the recording?

Tuomas: Haha, kinda almost but not really! We're not the guys who quit. The recording was also hectic since we ended up with really tight schedule. But doing this line of work, you have to get used to it. The days can be really long and you still have to outcome yourself and be creative. It is always a learning process as well. No matter how albums you make, every time you learn something new. And every time you notice some things that should be done differently next time.

Janne: No...We all love doing this thing. I'm sure we all had bad days, but this record session was also like a good therapy, just like Tuomas said. There was a good way get rid of negative energy and create art and music with these not so good feelings.
What are the lyrics about in “Loneliness of Endless Days”?

Janne: Main themes with the lyrics are loneliness, sorrow, frustration. And what kind of side effects these feelings cause. There's lyrics about disappointments in life and relationships, curiosity for afterlife, fear of death, losing hope... The scenery with the lyrics is very dark, but I think there's beam of light hiding behind the corner.
What idea or message does the cover artwork try to transmit?

Janne: I made few paintings and drawings inspired by lyrics of this album. And this painting was the one which felt right immediately.  Actually the name of that painting is 'Ocean Blue', like one of the songs in this album. Listen to the lyrics and you find out what's it about.
The lyrical atmosphere and theme is very similar in songs 'Ocean Blue' and 'Loneliness of Endless Days'. So that's another reason why it was very good choice for cover of this album.

You sound very natural both in the rock songs as in the heavy ones, you consider yourself more a rock or a heavy band?

Tuomas: That's a good question! We label ourself as a metal band. But I think that we get mostly influenced by rock music. We're something in between. I think if you dig deeper you can come up with a million categories.

Janne: Heavy, rock, metal, prog and something more!

The work on guitars is really stylish, how do you get it? It’s more like an industrial process or more kind of a jam session?

Tuomas: Thank you. I recorded all the guitar sessions so I'd say that our work depended on what we were doing. With this album we worked every song individually. So whenever we changed the song, we changed the settings of the amps etc to fit the mood of that particular song. It's actually quite a lot of work but I think it pays off. The riffs and rhytms were pretty much done beforehand so we just played them to be as accurate and tight as possible. With leads and solos we jammed really much. Timo had preliminary ides for almost each of his solos but I think we re-made almost all of them. We turned everything really loud, added some fuzz and delay and played it through a few times. We tried to keep it fresh and aggressive. Not to overdo it too much.

Tuomas Riihimäki deserves also a mention on the keys, it really furnishes your sound and creates great atmospheres

Janne: Yeah, I agree. Tuomas really took our sound to the next level with his keys.

Tuomas: Well thank you. Atmosphering is one of the things I pursueded in doing the whole thing. I think the keys got a quite visible role with this which I'm of course pleased with. That's also one of the key differences compared to 'Deimos'. And it is good to keep the band developing. You don't want to make the same album twice but get some different aspects and stuff on the next one.

Well that is something I really appreciate, although some people prefer the same broth everyday hahaha. The voices give your album a especial touch. Is Janne Salminiemi responsible for all that work?

Janne: We have many good singers in our band. Jussi is singing lots of harmonies, backing vocals and some great leads too. Also our former bass player Anu is singing beautiful harmonies in this record. It was very nice that Anu could sing in our second album and bring more depth and colours to our vocal sound. And now, when we play these songs live, our bassist Teemu is singing backing vocals too. He is very good singer and has a great vocal range and I'm sure he'll be singing a lot more on our future recordings.

How can the fan get your album?

Janne: You can download our albums from iTunes, Amazon.
Albums are also available on Spotify and other streaming services.
And if you want cd, you find it from recordshopx.com (worldwide shipping).
Go check 'em out!

What bands have influenced your music?

Janne: I guess we all have our own favourite bands... But if I had to name few, I'd say Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Anathema, Ghost, Mastodon, Riverside.

Tuomas: Yeah, there's plenty. My keyboards get lot of influences from bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Muse etc. I also have some melodic death metal background so that might also pop out from time to time.

Big names, high quality. How do you see the music business nowadays?

Tuomas: I think contemporary people always see the business in a bad way. Right now we're in a situation that bands are not that hot and solo artists, EDM, dj's and stuff like that are the mainstream. But that's how it's always been that the waves change from time to time. I think bands will rise again. Regardless of the music business we do what we do and try not think about it too much.

Have you presented your album in any gig already?

Janne: Yes we have made couple of gigs here in Finland. We had record releasing gig in our band's home town Turku. We also played a show in Helsinki and one show abroad in Tallinn, Estonia. And some more gigs are coming during the spring and summer. It was really great to get on the stage with these new songs and play them live.

If you were able to choose a band to share stage what it would be?

Janne: Right now I'd say Ghost.

Being a band from Finland, what space is there for an approach as yours?

Janne: It's true that in our country there's hundreds of good rock and metal bands, but I think there's not too many bands like Achiote.

Good answer! Are you more oriented to the Finnish market or the international arena?

Janne: With this kind of music, definitely international area.

Tuomas: I agree with Janne. The Finnish market at moment favors bands and artists who sing in Finnish. Fortunately there's always the underground scene. And as I said above, I believe that the situation will change again in the near future.

Thank you guys for your time and hopefully we will see you some day on a gig, if you wish to add something…

Janne: Yeah, we hope we'll see someday. Chears and Big Thanks to You MetalBrothers.

Tuomas: Thank you Metal Brothers! Stay true and check out our new album!

THE ROCK ALCHEMIST - Elements (2017)

1.Panic Room
5.Thrilling Countdown
8.The Temple

Aldo Garrone – Voice
Beppe Geracitano – Guitars
Dave “Key” Grandieri – Keyboards
Raoul Ronco – Bass
Max Gordiani – Drums

Hoy os hablo de esta banda italiana, turinesa, formada en 2009, este es su nuevo disco, debutaron en 2012, así que ya estamos hablando de gente con cierta experiencia, dicho lo cual vamos con el bisturí sin más preámbulos.

Panic Room marca el inicio del disco con un rock melódico con bastante efecto en las guitarras y un cierto aire retro a nivel vocal, me gusta la parada con acordes y solo melódico, tiene suficiente clase como para que le pongamos atención.

A-Matrix es una balada de aires country, relajada aunque de nuevo con estilo, el solo vuelve a ser de calidad, largo y bien estructurado, saben lo que se hacen, especialmente destacada la labor del guitarrista. Cars es otra balada pero en este caso bajan el listón de manera considerable y entregan un tema tan blando como popero, lo más destacable el vocalista, lo demás apenas me dice nada.

Phoenix es una canción que se mueve entre el rock melódico y el aor, poca fuerza, apenas distorsión y sí teclados, algo de efecto wah en las guitarras y otro tema sencillo y poco destacable. Thrilling Countdown es un interludio a base de teclados que da paso a 27, un tema que después de estar planchando la oreja con los últimas cortes nos vuelve  a poner las pilas, un rock de estilo progresivo a veces, teclados, algo de groove guitarrero, suena más rockero y potente, otras veces clásico a lo Sotto, TNT o Journey, limpieza en los sonidos y otro buen solo a sus alforjas, esta es la forma chachos.

Eclipse tiene un inicio lento a base de piano y voz muy emotiva, rock melódico de toda la vida hecho con mucho criterio, la estructura más simple que un tamagochi, pero el solo me vuelve a entonar. Se acaba este breve viaje que nos proponen los italianos con The Temple, otro de los temas destacados del disco, un inicio de guitarras atmosféricas que da paso inesperadamente a un tema de rock a lo Sprinsten, es decir, puro himno rockero, de voz rota y ritmo con mucho pegada en la batería. El final a base de piano es elegante y es un colofón con la clase que estos italianos muestran en momentos puntuales del disco.

Creo que es una banda con calidad, pero les exigiría más trabajo, más temas, que se currasen un poco más las composiciones a lo largo de todo el disco y que no vayan a lo fácil, a lo radiofónico, porque demuestran buen nivel técnico y si trabajan podrían dejarnos uno de esos discos que suenan y suenan sin parar en tus oídos.

Puntuación: 6,5/10


En los 80 los Gorky Park se convirtieron en una de las bandas más mediáticas venidas más allá del telón de acero, se dieron a conocer por primera vez para la mayoría de la gente en el mítico festival de Moscú, el peace festival, que reunió a tantas grandes bandas del momento y que los rusos contemplaban atónitos como si se tratase de extraterrestres venidos de lajanas galaxias. En Metalbrothers.es os hablamos de esta banda rusa http://metalbrothers.es/bios/biografias/gorky-park/

Where the wind blows (by Ark)

miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

SAVAGE MASTER – Creature Of The Flames (2017)

1.Child of the Witch     03:26    
2.Burning Leather  03:22          
3.Dark Enchantress  03:13        
4.Creature of the Flames  05:48            
5.Death or Glory (Holocaust cover)     03:14  

Brandon Brown - Bass
Larry Myers - Guitars
Adam Neal - Guitars
Stacey Peak - Vocals
John W. Littlejohn - Drums (2016-present)

Desde sus comienzos en el año 2013 está banda americana de Kentucky no ha dejado de producir ni de estar ahí sacando nuevas canciones o girando, y poco a poco se van labrando un nombre y un lugar en la escena del heavy metal actual. No solo por hacer temas con garra y suficiente calidad compositiva sino sobre todo por la actitud de sus canciones y su puesta en escena. Si os fijais en la foto que acompaña a este nuevo ep os llamará la atención a la similitud que existe con las portadas de los míticos Witchfinder General, ellos no esconden sus raíces musicales ni sus influencias, se notan en su música, en sus vestimentas ochenteras y en las versiones que incluyen como la de los Holocaust en este nuevo lanzamiento, el abc del heavy metal que marcó una época.

Con este nuevo Ep empatan a dos entre eps y largas duraciones, ya el año pasado os comentamos su buen segundo disco With Whips and Chains e incluso entrevistamos a Stacey Peak. La buena noticia es que nada ha cambiado desde entonces, los temas siguen sonando con igual garra, unos más elaborados que otros, pero todos con mucha actitud, heavy metal sin aditivos, sonido ochentero sin paliativos.

Abren el ep con Child of the Witch, un corte de riffs y ritmos a lo Iron Maiden del number of the beast, es decir, su época dorada. La voz característica de Stacey entre rasgada y aguda, con un estilo retro y un estribillo logrado y muy coreable que hacen que sea un tema que enganche a la primera, con eso sonido new wave tan típico.

Burning Leather arranca con un riff marca new wave que lanza el tema a toda mecha, con un gran acompañamiento en las voces con ese punto de locura que hacen que el tema suene valiente y maravillosamente disparatado, llegando a rozar por momentos el speed metal de corte centroeuropeo con un riff excepcional que sabiamente repiten en varias ocasiones a lo largo del tema. El solo es bastante normalito pero el tema rebosa actitud.

Dark Enchantress levanta el pie del acelerador y es un medio tiempo de heavy metal ochentero que practicaban bandas como Lizzy Borden, Armored Saint, Wasp, de guitarras emotivas, con mucho efecto y que siempre encienden el tema con riffs muy acertados, como el que meten para acabar el tema después del solo que lleva todo el sello de autenticidad de unos Holocaust.

Y llega el temazo del ep, excluyendo la versión, Creature of the Flames es un tema que desde el inicio con esa guitarra tan true metal te deja adivinar lo que se viene encima. Un medio tiempo a lo Omen, concinado a fuego lento, de melodías épicas y donde Stacey se deja la voz y con una similitud en la interpretación típica de todo un Tim Baker, estridente y desgarrada, sonido oscuro, under, un tema de esos de alzar el puño sin descanso, que esconde una sorpresa con el arreón final para de nuevo acabar el tema con sonido épico. Después de tremendo trallazo que mejor que cerrar esta nueva entrega con todo un clásico de los eternos Holocaust? Lo clavan y rinden honor al tema original que nunca pasará de moda. Los Savage Master siguen a lo suyo, trabajando y sonando siempre clásicos y muy heavys, una baza segura.